We use the latest equipment for trenching that minimizes damage, including vibratory plow, rock saws, as well as traditional trenchers. Our equipment and expertise on these sites applies to other ‘large turf’ sites such as schools, parks and commercial or estate green spaces.

Sprinkler Systems

We specify and install only the highest quality components. We pay attention to the details that result in an efficient and reliable system – mainline and lateral piping solvent-welded to manufacturer specification and placed at consistent depth; precise head spacing and height, with matching nozzles; solenoid valves assembled with unions and isolation valves for ease of operation and maintenance; valve boxes and other enclosures placed at grade and engineered to support heavy loads and protect the equipment.

Control Systems

We specialize in installing WaterSense Certified controllers, many of which use the latest 2-wire decoder technology. These controllers save time, money, and water – when installed and maintained correctly. We have the expertise to assess a site and help you choose the control system that’s right for you.

We are licensed in Oregon and Washington, with ‘All Phase Irrigation’ included.
Oregon LCB #8284
Washington #PACIFST952N9

A word about Scheduling Installation:
Contrary to most of our industry, we prefer to schedule irrigation installation projects in the off-season. During the regular season (April to September), our crews are busy managing sports field turf, fertilizing, top-dressing, aerating, and of course, managing & maintaining irrigation systems.
Our highly trained crews are experts in everything required to keep green grass thriving and playable, including expertise in building quality irrigation systems. We will not be the ‘lowest bid’, but you will have a system that works as designed.
We stand behind our work.