Mckay Drill

The McKay Drill and Fill Aerofier is designed to work on all types of turf grass installations. The most common uses are on golf course putting greens and athletic fields. The machine drills 1″ diameter holes on a spacing of 7″ to a depth of 8 to 10″. the hole is then filled to the surface with a dry material (this could be sand or one of the water absorbing polymers – the calcine clays or diatomaceous earth products).

This machine was designed to solve problems that come about as a result of poor construction (heavy compaction and resulting poor drainage). Often times the zone of compaction in the soil profile is 4-6″ beneath the surface. This zone is beyond the depth of conventional aerifiers. There are aerifiers on the market that can penetrate through this layer, but they are a temporary fix. They do not have the capability of filling this open hole with a material that will act as a channel through the sealed portion of the soil profile. The McKay Drill and Fill was designed for just that purpose. In most every instance, problem areas will benefit from this practice. A notable exception would be where ground water is evident at the surface level.