Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Maintained fields look better, play better and last longer. Synthetic fields are big investment that require maintenance to ensure compliance with your warranty, as well as assist in meeting the life expectancy of your field.
PST utilizes state of the art maintenance equipment to de-compact and groom fields with our regularly scheduled professional maintenance. Our trained technicians can repair torn seams and inlays. We also replenish infill as needed to bring levels to original specification as your pile height will allow.
The following is our care process:

  1. An extensive inspection of your field is done documenting infill depth and consistency, seams and inlays, planarity and fiber condition.
  2. Up to 30 gal. of infill material in high-use areas as needed.
  3. Deep tine de-compaction to increase shock absorbency and enhance drainage.
  4. Utilize a magnet to remove harmful metal objects.
  5. Run a rotary brush, sifter, and vacuum to remove debris, fiber, hair, and other particulates.
  6. Groom the field with static brush’s to help planarity of the infill while utilizing the equipment’s vacuum to remove any fine debris remaining on the field.
  7. Glue up to 5 feet of seams or inlays.
  8. Re-inspect and furnish a comprehensive report on work performed.

For fields that are deficient in infill, we can utilize our large top dressers for replenishing and then work the infill into the fibers with our static brushes as needed.
PST has the experience to work on all brands of synthetic turf, as well as natural turf (grass).