Top Dressing

Top dressing also known as “sanding” to some, is a cultural practice that is commonly done on many of the best golf course fairways, greens, tees and sports fields across the Northwest. The wet northwest winters and springs require a consistent top dressing program so turf surfaces can stand up to the rigors of year-round play. Northwest fields can find soccer clubs practicing year-round these days! Continued topdressing can enhance field conditions, to facilitate intense seasonal use by both sports field athletes and golf enthusiasts alike.
Why topdress? You want to improve both the agronomic condition of the turf and the playing condition of the field. The term is self-defining.

  1. Smooths the playing surface
  2. Modifies the thatch layer
  3. Changes the soil texture
  4. Provides a more resilient surface
  5. Provides a favorable environment for seed germination
  6. Is paramount in the continued functionality of drainage systems

We use Ty-Crop MH 400 Spreaders equipped with dual spinners, Turfco LH 400 brush type spreader, and the small Turfco meter-matic for our Baseball infield applications.
Like your other cultural application, timing is everything. Plan topdressing around periods of active turf growth and low field use. Topdressing is essential to quality sports fields. As with any other cultural practice, it must be included as a part of the field’s management plan. Call our sales staff to schedule a site visit. We can help you schedule a topdressing program, explain how to order the right sand product and the proper amounts to cover your sports fields.