Deep Tine Aeration-Will it help in our circumstance?

This is a very good question. The purpose of deep tine aeration on both sand and soil based fields is to expand the root zone by promoting better water penetration through the soil profile. On sand based fields it will break up a cemented sand condition and better promote free drainage. In soil based fields it permits the water to penetrate through a surface compacted layer usually 4-8″ deep beneath the playing surface and then move into the sub soil. In most cases the deep tine work will extend the playing season (earlier in the spring and later in the fall) but is not the “panacea” for full winter play. If the field is built on a heavily compacted base which is generally deeper than 12″- it is possible that the deep tine aeration work is of little use and that installing a drainage system will be the best answer. When you are using a solid tine to fracture the soil are you actually relieving compaction? Probably not. We think of relieving compaction when actual soil is removed with a coring tine. It is possible to core with a 1″ tine to a depth of 10″. Deep coring is readily available and will be discussed in a later article. Please keep in mind the fall over-seeding that was addressed in the October “Tips” article. You can still have seed germinating well into November with some of the new cold temperature germinating ryegrasses.

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