Summer Turf Disease in the NW – How can this be ?

In the northwest we are known for our dry summers coupled with low humidity. It is not unusual to receive very little rain between the last part of June all the way through September. This year’s intermittent rain / thunderstorm events have made the turf very susceptible to what we consider the most devastating of turf grass diseases – pythium blight. Couple heavy moisture with high temperatures and high humidity and the conditions could not be better for disease development. Type in “ pythium blight in the northwest” on your computer and look at the pictures. We have seen this disease already this summer and if you think you have it – you may have to arrest it with a specifically labeled turf grass fungicide. This disease can make an entire field unplayable in a very short order. Cultural practices which are normal for the northwest – regular irrigation – not creating a frog pond – coupled with our lower humidity helps keep this disease under control.