“What a wakeup call”

Fall over-seeding The heavy rains which we are experiencing will probably increase the wear problems that are inevitable on many of the soil based fields. Slice-seeding and or broadcasting seed in the thin areas and letting the players work it into the soil will pay big dividends for you. In a prior Tip called “Winter seeding turf blends” we mention the intermediate ryegrass blends that germinate in cooler temperatures, however for this month the normal turf type ryegrasses will be very effective.

Ideal time to fertilize your field. This is the ideal time to fertilize your sports field – if you haven’t already done so. The soil temperature is still warm enough to give the fertilizer maximum effectiveness. The fertilizer you apply should be designed to encourage the root development you need throughout the cool season. By so doing – giving you the assurance healthier turf next spring.

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Please note: On our “Resource page” we have added two Bulletins – both are a cooperative effort of Oregon State University, Washington State University and University of Idaho. They are: Construction of Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields and Maintaining Sand-Based Natural Grass Athletic Fields. You should find both of these bulletins very helpful.

There are certain timely practices that we have found that make managing both turf grass and synthetic fields easier and produce favorable results. We are sending these “Tips” out throughout the season and try to match the season with the practices. If you have others on your staff that you would like to receive these “Tips” please contact us through my email.